Single Courses

The possibility of taking single courses in the Graduate Program in Law (PPGD/UFSC) is regulated by Resolution no. 04/PPGD/2012. The information contained in this page summarizes the content of the Resolution and other applicable rules, but does not replace them.


Special student vs. Audit student

There are two possibilities for joining the PPGD/UFSC as a non-degree student: by enrolling in a single course (as a special student) or by taking the course as an audit student.

The special student is entitled to be assessed and subsequently validate credits corresponding to the course. The student enrolled in this category must comply with all activities proposed in the course and must have attendance of 75% or more, like all other regularly enrolled students.

The audit student will not be formally enrolled in the course; he or she will not be entitled to validate credits nor will their performance be assessed. Therefore, the audit student  has no obligation to carry out the course activities. He or she may only attend classes, and will only carry out the activities that the course professor suggests, without formal registration with the Program or UFSC.




Registration Requirements

In order to take a single course in the PPGD, it is necessary to be registered in a graduate program (master’s or doctoral degree) duly accredited by CAPES, in the area of Law or other related area, either at the Univesidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC) or at another HEI that meets the criterion of reciprocity. The registration for single courses in the PPGD is not open to students from specialization programs.

To attend classes as an audit student, you do not have to be registered in any educational institution; it is sufficient to have an undergraduate degree in Law or other related area, plus the agreement of the course instructor. We suggest that the student contact the Faculty member responsible for the course in the first week of classes of the respective academic quarter.

Related areas are considered those that are related to the subject of research of the course professor. In practice, for this purpose, the acceptance of the course instructor already indicates that the student’s degree is in a related area.




How to Apply – Special Student

To apply as a special student, the applicant must make previous contact with the course instructor and go to the PPGD Office with the following documentation:

The Acceptance Document duly filled and signed by the course instructor;
Copy of Identification Document with photo;
Copy of the undergraduate diploma in Law or related area;
For enrollment in a Doctoral course, copy of the Master’s diploma in Law or related area;
Certificate of enrollment in a graduate program accredited by CAPES;





Selection Criteria

It is up to the course instructor whether or not to accept the request of a special student and to determine the number of places he or she will offer in the course. If there are more applicants than places available  in the same course, the first ones to apply for the place will be enrolled, among those that have been accepted by the instructor, observing the limit of students per course. The maximum number of special students enrolled in a course may not exceed five, and the sum of these students and regular students may not exceed twenty.

Special students are not allowed to register for the required courses of the Master’s degree program (DIR410101 and DIR410110, see the Curriculum), neither for the Integration Seminar, the Teaching Practicum, the Dissertation or Thesis Supervision and the Dissertation or Thesis Project.




Additional Information

The maximum number of times a person can enroll as a special student is three per study quarter and five in total. For audit students, the number is one per quarter and two in total.

Special students receive a UFSC enrollment number, which is active for the duration of the course in which they are enrolled. During this period, the special student may request a certificate of enrollment and, even after the end of the course, he or she may request an academic transcript. Audit students do not receive an enrollment number and therefore they are not able to request any proof documents.

Enrollment as a special student binds the student only to the PPGD and only for the quarter in which the course is offered. Therefore, the special student and the audit student are not entitled to use certain University services such as the University Restaurant and the lending services of the UFSC Library system (although they may visit the libraries and consult the collections on site, like any member of the community).